About me

I found my way into product design while studying to be a chemical engineer at one of the most prestigious engineering schools in India. I was a pretty decent engineer but quickly realized I wouldn't be happy working as one. I grew up painting and illustrating (even tried to create my own graphic novel once, which failed miserably) and right after graduating decided to spend some time learning more about the world of design.

I taught myself how to use Sketch and how to design for the web, saved up, and enrolled in an incredibly fun Masters' program at UT Austin that only takes in 5 students each year (ask me about it when we talk!)

I've been in love with world of product design ever since.

I've spent a large part of my career as an early stage designer at fast-paced startups, helping CEOs, founders, and Product leaders craft thoughtful experiences and build successful design teams. At my very core, I am a problem solver and I thrive in complex problem spaces.

When I'm not designing screens, I'm hiking in Northern California with my dog, working on a new painting, trying to perfect an eggless tiramisu recipe, or working towards building a palette for ceremonial-grade matcha.

Currently I'm on the hunt for my favorite female stand-up comic.

Marian Royal Kazen Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Art
Fredricka Crain Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Art
Marshall F. Wells Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment
Dean's List Award for exceptional academic performance, IIT GN, India
Relevant Experience
Revance Therapeutics
Product Design Manager
HintMD (acquired by Revance Therapeutics)
Senior Product Designer
Bright Health
Product Designer
Workers' Defense Project
Product Design Lead