Perfecting my matcha latte

Airtable chronicles of a noob attempting matcha

Here's the thing – coffee does nothing for me anymore. It makes me jittery for like 40 mins and then I get very VERY sleepy. So I decided to give matcha a fair shot. So far, its effects have been much better than that of coffee – I'm not jittery and the energy boost is prolonged and much smoother.

However, it does taste like grass 🟢.

Since July of 2022 I've been making little tweaks to my matcha latte making process (whisking time, water temp, water quantity, matcha quantity, etc.). After a month of trying to do this the old school way (on a clipboard on my refrigerator) I figured I'd start an Airtable to make sense of it all.

Yep, that's all this is about.

No, I don't have the perfect recipe yet.

My biggest learnings so far have been:
- Sifting is necessary
- Don't let the water come to a boil
- Whisk vigorously in a back and forth motion
- Patience is key